Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Indoor pics (hanya itu yg mampu huhuhuhu)

It's been a while since my last update. I'm still not in a good condition. In order to fill in the tiredness and boredom that surround me, I just snap these pictures inside my apartment.

Strawberries, they are the fruits that I can pull in inside my throat for the past two weeks (huhuhuhuhu....). They are quite big though, comparing to the one that I had bought in Cameron last month :))

Last but not least, some lilies for me from my dear hubby (tq my dear). Something nice to see and smell from the Avondale Market (something like Pasar Tani). Hopefully I will recover soon and can start to visit this place and other places.

Go doNuT Go!


suezety said...

yang.. semoga cepta sembuh tau.. relax2 n enjoy2 ur life k..

nnati if dabel prosperity x 'sedap' i tambah garam n papper utk u.. auummmmmm hehehehe


doNuT said...

Ok...tq yg. I will try my best to get well soon ;) Skrg dh ok sket. Xteruk sgt dh mrning sickness. Cuma xlalu mkn je. Kalu kt Msia ni, sure xde prob. Nk mkn pe, g beli je hahahahaha.....Nk msk mmg xlalu n xlarat dh.

Sazly Salfarina said...

Kene banyak berehat. Nak makan ape-ape cakap je kat tedi. Kalau tak jumpe kat sana, suruh orang kat Malaysia poskan. Boleh je pos kalau seal elok-elok. Jangan buat kerje berat2. Waahh... cam ade ape-ape je?

doNuT said...

to sal:

hehehe....skrg pun mmg byk berehat je. Tedi la yg msk n kemas rmh :) Adaaaa....ko tanya la dia :D

suezety said...

go mr teddy go mr teddy.. dh macam citer mr mama kat tv3 tu kan kan kan